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The Dry Clean Process

Village Cleaners uses a new, modern dry cleaning facility on West Carroll Street in Dothan, Alabama.


After a customer has left their cleaning at any of the seven convenient Village Cleaners locations, the clothes are transported to the central cleaning facility in Dothan, Alabama. 

As a Certified Environmental Dry cleaner, Village Cleaners uses the Bowe P30 dry cleaning machine to start the dry cleaning process. This $70,000 dry cleaning machine is the newest addition to Village Cleaners. It is one of four dry cleaning machines used, giving Village Cleaners the ability to dry clean over 2500 pounds of clothes per day! Clothes are put into this machine which uses a combination of dry cleaning solvents, detergents, and sizing that makes the clothes feel as if they are "right off the rack!" All solvents are drained and recycled to minimize any environmental impact. Village Cleaners does not utilize kerosene based chemicals that tend to leave odors on clothing as well as add potentially harmful fumes into the environment.

Village Cleaners uses the environmentally friendly Bowe P 30 dry clean washer from Germany
After the clothing is cleaned and dried, it must be steamed and pressed to remove all wrinkles. One of over 65 Village Cleaners employees carefully steam presses this delicate, light blue blouse. Village Cleaners specializes in the care of fragile fabrics such as silk, leather and suede. Even wedding dresses are beautifully transformed under careful attention. Pressing dry cleaned clothes at Village Cleaners in Dothan Alabama
Shirts are pressed utilizing a state-of-the-art automated Double-Buck Shirt Unit. The experienced employee quickly places a shirt over the mold, buttons it up, then rotates the shirt around so that it is inside the white box seen just behind the shirt. Pressing is then done automatically. As one shirt rotates into the box, another shirt rotates out, so as one shirt is being pressed the employee is preparing another shirt for the same process. In this manner, each shirt takes only a few seconds to press. An employee of Village Cleaners in Dothan, Alabama prepares a  shirt for pressing.
  Village Cleaners uses modern, automated machinery in its Dothan, Alabama dry clean process.
In this picture the employee removes a perfectly pressed and starched shirt from the form while the shirt in the pictures above is undergoing the finishing process. A freshly strached and wrinkel-free shirt is removed from the shirt presser at Village Cleaners in Dothan, Alabama
Another of Village Cleaner's great employees is in charge of the pant press. A pair of pants is laid on the presser surface, the top automatically closes, steams and presses the cloth, then even vacuums the steam back up so there is no discomfort to the employee! Pants are pressed on a steamer/presser at Village Cleaners in Dothan, Alabama

Here you can see some of the over 4,000 articles of clothing professionally cleaned by Village Cleaners every working day! These clothes are being prepared to be returned to happy customers in one of the six Village Cleaners locations spread around the Tri-State region. Click HERE to find the  store closest to you.
Just a few of the nearly 4,000 articles of clothing cleaned each working day by Village Cleaners

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